Rest of chapter 1

For today my blog post is going to be me finishing the first chapter of my story.

He paused for a long moment before sighing and running a hand through his dirty blonde hair. “Gosh I’m sorry. I’m through with the personal questions now. I apologize.” I give a slight nod which he took as me telling him to continue. “Right, now the rules are simple indeed. You must follow every demand exactly as it is given understand?” He paused to see if I was paying attention.

Pleased to know I was actually paying attention he turned and began walking as he spoke. “First off all females must have short hair and males must have long hair past their shoulders. Second we all must wear these orange suits. Third you may not cause any trouble or be rude to anyone whatsoever, no matter the case. Now that we have covered the main demands we can move onto the smaller steps later on.”

I nod. “Sounds,” I pause and shrug “fun?”

He gave me a sharp look that sent a slight shiver down my spine. “Fun? This is not supposed to be fun little girl this is very serious matters and your life is at stake,” He emphasized ‘fun’ to sound like it was the nastiest thing on the face of the Earth and he took a step closer while raising his voice to become even more dramatic.

I stare up at him with a bored expression. “Okay pretty boy, I was being sarcastic if you couldn’t tell.” I look away when he began to walk once again and then add one small thing quietly so he couldn’t hear me. “Plus I could care less about my life being on the line, not like I have anyone to go back to on Earth.”

“Did you say something miss?” He spun back around and stared into my eyes. I just avoid his gaze and pass him, brushing my shoulder against his roughly.

“Yes, I said let’s get this thing over with already so I can get going.” Sheesh I wish this guy would just shut up and stop questioning me already, It’s becoming quite bothersome and I barely know the guy.


Continuing my story

“Yeah yeah but that was different. I didn’t get this weird feeling from him, but with this girl I do. I don’t know what it is but I don’t like it.” She whispered, yet I still heard.

“Yes, but you did seem to be attracted to her before she announced that she had no interest of looking like us. You didn’t seem to get any ‘weird vibes’ from her when we first met her, now did you?” His slight smirk made her huff and go silent. He then turned to me with a bright smile. “What you choose to look like is completely up to you dear. We won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to.”   

“Wow how kind of you,” i snarl and roll my eyes. “Look just tell me where your captain is and then leave me alone, got it?” The smaller male and the girl both looked equally mortified at how rudely i spoke but the eldest boy only smiled.

“Certainly dear, it is only fit we take you to our leader so that he may choose whether you die or be kept alive upon merely your looks. It is completely up to you milady,” He grinned down at me.

I scrunch my nose in confusion as i stare into his multicolored eyes. “What are you talking about? Are you saying that your commander will behead me for looking differently?! That is totally insane and irrational,” I shout.

“Yeth we are aware that he ith crazy but that ithnt for uth to dethide now ith it? But i gueth if you don’t want to look like uth then you can altho jutht die at the handth of our leader i thuppothe,” the shorty said.

“It’s kind of hard to understand you with all those annoying lisps,” I comment angrily. For a few moments i stared down at my clothes and scratching my cheek with my index finger. “Fine, I guess I have no other choice in the matter do I?”

“Great now we can go and prepare you for the meeting of our leader,” The girl rumbled sarcastically as she turned and began to walk away.

“The thure ith interethting ithnt the thith,” i hear the youngest whisper to the girl as he trailed beside her.

“Whatever, just keep up lispy,” She responded with a laugh.

“You know I hate being called that thith,” He mumbled sadly and shook his head at her.

“So.. Are there any rules or anything that I need to know about?” I turn back to the guy my age. His pale skin seemed to glow but I assumed it was my mere imagination.

“Right, I do suppose you need to know more about this village. First what village are you from ma’am, if I’m not being rude by asking,” He smiled.

I bite my lip trying to think of a response that he would believe. “Uh actually I grew up in my ship,” I lied.

“I see, and why would you be living in there when you could just live in your pod,” he questioned me further.

“B-Because uh…” Egad, I need to make something up fast and something that will make him stop talking about this. “Because uhm, because my progenitors didn’t want their offspring..” I say flatly. Thank god for my high vocabulary or else i wouldn’t know that word meant parents haha.

Part of the first chapter

This blog post is going to be me posting part of the first chapter of my story that I am currently writing.


Now, when I crash landed on this world no one thought it was odd. None of them asked many questions, none stared, none were amazed, it was strange. There were few that did glance over at me strangely, but that was it.

As I stared at this dream-like place around me a few of them had come up to me. There were three of them, all dressed in the same ugly orange, staring right at me smiling as big as they possibly could. While they smiled at me I scrunched up my nose in disgust and look away from them.

“You’re the novice then?” A cheerful voice chirped in my ear, so I turn my head back to look at the three in front of me.

“Uh…” Looking at all three I notice that, unlike most humans, they each had two different colored eyes.

“Stop asking such obvious questions, idiot. Of course, he is the newbie. Just look at how he is dressed!” The only girl shouted at the tallest of them all and made this weird face at him, which made him roll his eyes.

Being called a male isn’t what made me speak up, but it sure was the first thing I brought up. “She,” I state simply with a blank stare. All three of them stare at me in confusion.

“Clearly you’re male, look at your long hair.” The shorter boy pointed at me and smirked.

“Clearly you need your eyes checked. I’m a girl, not a boy.” Irritation filled my voice rather quickly.

“My apologies ma’am, here we have a certain way of doing things. We aren’t used to outsiders. These two are just a bit confused by the strange way you wear your hair and your choice of clothing. It is obvious that you do not belong.” The way he spoke gave me a sense of assurity and I nod my head a bit.

“We thould thow her around town and make her blend in with uth right away.” The lisp of the shorter male came out as he spoke again.

“Oh, I know the perfect place to do her hair!” The female squealed. Her hand shot out, grabbing ahold of my wrist tightly.

Pulling away abruptly I shoot them all a glare. “I don’t care if I don’t look like any of you, I am not doing anything to my hair.”

“Oh, so you’re THAT kind of girl then. I get it now.” The girl commented with a nasty tone, then turned to the taller guy with a snarl. “Let’s go, I already don’t like the new girl.”

“You haven’t even given it time. Remember when we found him?” He nods his head in the direction of the shorter boy, which earns him a very nasty glare.

“Yeah yeah but that was different. I didn’t get this weird feeling from him, but with this girl I do. I don’t know what it is but I don’t like it.” She whispered, yet I still heard.


I didn’t really have any ideas for this blog post this week so this is a late assignment. I have finally decided to write about our Standups for  blog post. Hopefully this is not too boring to read haha.

The assignment was for everyone to record ourselves talking over some topic of our choice for thirty seconds long. It could be a second shorter or a second longer but it may not be any longer than thirty three seconds long and no shorter than twenty nine seconds.

I originally had chosen to do my stand up over annoying kinds in Journalism class, but I finally decided to change it and record it in the library. My official standup recording was over some annoying kinds in the library. I talked about how kids would sometimes walk up, grabbing books and leave them on the floors or on tables, without returning them to their shelves.

Another point that I made was pointing out some students, including myself, would go and take some things from other students, such as their binders, phones, journals, etc. They would grab their bags or their jackets just to play around and poke fun. This is not suitable behavior one should be presenting in a library; a calm, quiet place that should be enjoyed.

For my standup we had to record quite a few times to get the right lighting, angle, and mostly because Lizzy and I kept laughing through the recordings. We finally got to our tenth video and decided it was alright enough for me to present it to our teacher, Mr.McWilliams.

He did tell me I made a good grade and that he did like it. I had been so very nervous about recording the video that I just spouted out whatever came to my mind. Officially I had said “Hi today my name is…” And then we laughed about that and re-recorded it once again. Another of my close friends assisted me in making the short thirty second video. They were really helpful and I am glad they both agreed to help.

My Spring Break

I did not do much over my break, which is not unusual for me at all. Most people call me lazy, but it does not matter because well I like to enjoy the little things such as sitting down and eating cookies, or colouring, or even sketching for long periods of time.

Anyway, that might just be me. No one else in my family likes the things that I do. All of them think I am lazy. Well my Spring break i did what I normally did; I sat in my room and played on my phone. There was a few times where I would get up and go outside. I walked at least two miles every day, but I never really did anything.

I went to watch my mother at her work place; Rock Paper Scissors. It is a hair salon that she works at. If I had gotten bored I would simply get up and walk down to the Rec Center. It was a pretty good sized building which held an indoor swimming pool, indoor basketball court, indoor track above the basketball court, a large workout room, and in the back was a room that held a rock climbing wall.

My older brother came with me and we had a lot of fun shooting hoops and climbing the rock wall. It only costs about two dollars per person to get in and it is really fun. It isn’t even that far away from my moms’ work so she doesn’t have to worry about us. He then told me that we should start to hang out a lot more.

I was shocked, but it made me happy that he wanted to spend time with me. Then we got on the subjects of cars and he remembered that I will be getting a car of my own very soon.

Blog Post 6

This blog post will be about what I have done to my hair. Well let me start off with a short summary of how I have been wearing it in the past. Back in 8th grade I was going through a “phase”, as my mother called it, but it was normal. I was going through that phase a whole lot of teens go through, the goth/ emo phase.

Well I really liked the colour black and I loved red and green, so I would but a lot of skinny jeans and t-shirts. I also wore my hair slightly in my face to one side a lot. My parents would never allow me to ever dye my hair black but they allowed me to colour my hair red, blonde, brown, etc.

Well one day I came back from staying at my biological mothers’ house and I decided I wanted to cut my hair. Now this wasn’t just some random thought that i had happened to have. No, I had wanted to cut my hair for a really long time, but the length that I wanted it was not approved by either my dad nor my stepmom.

This time I brought it up once more and to my surprise my stepmom said that she was okay with it. Well now I have super short hair that comes to a stop at the bottom of my chin. I wear it to the right in a sort of emo style. I have just recently dyed it pitch black and I absolutely love how it came out. It has a slight blue tint to it, as my stepmom said it would, but I absolutely adore it.

I am so happy that I ended up with the hairstyle that  I wanted. I guess things really do come to you if you are patient who knew haha.

Blog Post Number Five

This Blog Post will be about a story that I am currently writing. I have been posting parts of it onto this site called and I have just begun the site, so I am very ignorant to how the site works. Here is a small bit of what I am currently writing;

I live in a world where blue signifies heat and red the cold. Where blue and pink don’t identify as gender colors but green and yellow do. A world where boys wear long hair and girls have short. We all dress the same; in orange tracksuits. The world I live on is so different from my home planet, Earth. No one knows that I do not belong, but I suspect some are beginning to think.

Ever since I was sent to this planet I’ve had to hide who I am and act so strangely and it is beginning to wear thin on my patience. I am not sure that I can pretend to be of this race any longer, but my mission is to risk my life for, so I have no choice but to continue. There are lots of things on this planet that is so much different from Earth that it will seem like a crazy person’s best dream. Grass does not grow where grass should and the birds don’t fly like usual.

Where the clouds float high above our heads there are waves of the oceans. We walk with clouds at our feet. There are fish in the sky, which as you walk you can look up at stare, just like an aquarium. The birds float, like ducks, on the clouds that we walk on each day. The trees grow normally though, there are caves and land just like my home. Some things are the same, yet so different all the same. It gets cold and hot during the Winter and Summer ,as usual, just in the Summer it is cold and the Winter is warm. The race here on this planet all look just like us humans, act like us, think like us. They show the same intelligence level as us as well.

But there is something about the way they are becoming secretive about certain things. They are hiding something and I have a bad feeling that it has something to do with Earth. Here there are a few I communicate with, but only to study them closer. The reason I was sent here instead of anyone else is that that on my planet Earth I was known to be heartless and alone. They thought that if anyone other than me were sent into space to study this other life that somehow they would become attached to the new species as if they were human.

The government knew that wouldn’t happen with me. They had been studying me closely and seeing that I don’t even talk to other beings or make eye contact that I would be perfect… Well, that is the partial truth. The whole truth is that they knew my father when he was alive and well, thought that I should be the first to visit this other planet.

If you want to check out the things that I write you can find me by typing ‘’ into the search bar on the site.