Blog Post 6

This blog post will be about what I have done to my hair. Well let me start off with a short summary of how I have been wearing it in the past. Back in 8th grade I was going through a “phase”, as my mother called it, but it was normal. I was going through that phase a whole lot of teens go through, the goth/ emo phase.

Well I really liked the colour black and I loved red and green, so I would but a lot of skinny jeans and t-shirts. I also wore my hair slightly in my face to one side a lot. My parents would never allow me to ever dye my hair black but they allowed me to colour my hair red, blonde, brown, etc.

Well one day I came back from staying at my biological mothers’ house and I decided I wanted to cut my hair. Now this wasn’t just some random thought that i had happened to have. No, I had wanted to cut my hair for a really long time, but the length that I wanted it was not approved by either my dad nor my stepmom.

This time I brought it up once more and to my surprise my stepmom said that she was okay with it. Well now I have super short hair that comes to a stop at the bottom of my chin. I wear it to the right in a sort of emo style. I have just recently dyed it pitch black and I absolutely love how it came out. It has a slight blue tint to it, as my stepmom said it would, but I absolutely adore it.

I am so happy that I ended up with the hairstyle that  I wanted. I guess things really do come to you if you are patient who knew haha.


Blog Post Number Five

This Blog Post will be about a story that I am currently writing. I have been posting parts of it onto this site called and I have just begun the site, so I am very ignorant to how the site works. Here is a small bit of what I am currently writing;

I live in a world where blue signifies heat and red the cold. Where blue and pink don’t identify as gender colors but green and yellow do. A world where boys wear long hair and girls have short. We all dress the same; in orange tracksuits. The world I live on is so different from my home planet, Earth. No one knows that I do not belong, but I suspect some are beginning to think.

Ever since I was sent to this planet I’ve had to hide who I am and act so strangely and it is beginning to wear thin on my patience. I am not sure that I can pretend to be of this race any longer, but my mission is to risk my life for, so I have no choice but to continue. There are lots of things on this planet that is so much different from Earth that it will seem like a crazy person’s best dream. Grass does not grow where grass should and the birds don’t fly like usual.

Where the clouds float high above our heads there are waves of the oceans. We walk with clouds at our feet. There are fish in the sky, which as you walk you can look up at stare, just like an aquarium. The birds float, like ducks, on the clouds that we walk on each day. The trees grow normally though, there are caves and land just like my home. Some things are the same, yet so different all the same. It gets cold and hot during the Winter and Summer ,as usual, just in the Summer it is cold and the Winter is warm. The race here on this planet all look just like us humans, act like us, think like us. They show the same intelligence level as us as well.

But there is something about the way they are becoming secretive about certain things. They are hiding something and I have a bad feeling that it has something to do with Earth. Here there are a few I communicate with, but only to study them closer. The reason I was sent here instead of anyone else is that that on my planet Earth I was known to be heartless and alone. They thought that if anyone other than me were sent into space to study this other life that somehow they would become attached to the new species as if they were human.

The government knew that wouldn’t happen with me. They had been studying me closely and seeing that I don’t even talk to other beings or make eye contact that I would be perfect… Well, that is the partial truth. The whole truth is that they knew my father when he was alive and well, thought that I should be the first to visit this other planet.

If you want to check out the things that I write you can find me by typing ‘’ into the search bar on the site.

Best Friend <3

Actually I didn’t have anything on my mind to talk about but this one guy. He had just moved here and started going to school in Middle school. When he first arrived I immediately tried to be his friend, because I knew how hard it was starting in a new school not knowing anyone.

After a few weeks we we’re kind of laughing and joking like friends do, and I started seeing him during the mornings when he would sit at my table along with my friends. I am not going to say his actual name because of various reasons but we are really close friends now. We have been friends for a little over a year now.

We are both in our first year of High school and he has confessed to me quite a few times. He is kind of self-conscious about a lot of things, but he doesn’t need to be. He has had some bad things happen to him and I have been trying to help him through some of it. Even though he doesn’t really know it, I actually kind of like him. He is super nice and he always tries to make feel better when he sees me down. He has been really amazing to me and I thank him for that. He has tried to be there for me whenever he can and it is amazing.

Jeez I wish I had another idea to write about because this is kind of embarrassing, but this is all I could think of and I wanted to get it off of my mind. Plus this is supposed to be my blog, a place where I can write down things I feel like I should write down when I need to. I really hope he doesn’t read this either haha.

Thurs, Feb. 22

My third blog so far :)

Alright then let’s get right into it then heh. Today I was planning on talking a little about what I do in my spare time at home, since I had no other ideas on what to post about haha.

Anyway, Usually what I do is do my daily chores, then go to my room to finish my homework(which i kind of forget about sometimes).  After that I get to spend the rest of the day doing what I enjoy; Which is either watching YouTube on my roku TV, drawing in my sketch book, writing short stories in my journal, or just do exercises to keep myself busy.

Now I do not show off the stories that I write to a whole lot of people because I am the type of gal who will become embarrassed very easily over simple things, such as compliments. Everyone that has ever read even just a fraction of my stories have all had good reviews and have even told me to publish quite a few.

I always decline because I am too shy for such things like that, plus I only write for the fun of it, not to make money or get famous. I prefer keeping a low profile and sticking within crowds, not being in the spotlight. I would totally be self-conscious and overthink anything and everything I do and write.

I tend to do that very thing when someone tells me to write more of a story that they enjoyed. I will go and continue it, but overthink everything and make it unoriginal over time, which becomes bland for the reader. I have learned to not share a whole lot of what I am writing so that I do not overthink too much and I can be comfortable with the speed that I write at.

My Second Blog Post

Today is Wednesday, Feb. 14 and it is Valentines day. We actually have a sub today in our class. Mr.McWilliams’ left the whole class with doing our second actual blog posts for grades. He never told us how many words this assignment was supposed to be so I am just typing whatever comes to my mind. 

I didn’t think that I would get anything today for Valentines day since the guy i like and I aren’t really talking anymore and he is planning on getting with a girl I know, she’s nice. It actually might be good for him, so I’m okay with it. 

What surprised me was when I got to school my friend came up to me and gave me some chocolate. Another friend of mine did the same when I came to class. They are so sweet. I ended up giving my close friend, Persephanie a bear and a box of chocolate because well I love her as my best friend.

Plus her boyfriend just broke up with her the day before and I wanted to make her smile. Seeing her smile made my day because I never like to see her upset. We’ve only been friends for two years but we are really close and I would do anything to make her happy. 

Well this concludes today’s blog post, wow I past 200 words and I didn’t even know it. 

My first actual blog

For the past four days my Journalism and Creative Writing class has been teaching my classmates and me how to use and make a blog. 

Today is Tuesday, Feb. 13. The whole class has been assigned to post our first actual blog post for a grade. Since I set mine to be about ‘anything’ I am writing and posting about what we, as a class, are doing today.

Our assignment must be 200 words or more. It may not be any less than that. After a person is finished with their blog post assignment they are to click on the post,copy the URL, paste it to their emails, and send it to Mr.McWilliams; our Journalism teacher for this hour.

He will then proceed to read over and grade each and every blog post sent to him. Today some of the students are gone, so it left 25 of us to do the assignment, which is less for him to grade. Mr.McWilliams stood up in front of the class and told us that if we just keep typing down what comes to our minds we will have 200 words in no time at all. I need a few more words to complete this assignment today.